What is Laser Hair Removal and IPL Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal is available in laser clinics and is a procedure in which a
laser beam (light = heat) is used to treat hair follicles,

None of the present medical research proves laser hair removal as being permanent.

It does not target specific hair follicles – the ones that need to be destroyed.

As a result the soft medium hair is stimulated and becomes thicker and darker.

A large number of new clients at the Australian Permanent Hair Removal Centre who have had a history of laser hair removal have had an increase in growth of unwanted hair from the laser treatment.

Once the laser is stopped the hair growth becomes visible in 6-9 months time. Laser hair removal may delay regrowth of hair for months and sometimes a few years but eventually the hair will grow back.

Laser hair removal and IPL hair removal may be considered beneficial for body hair on
large areas for relief of unwanted hair providing a quick short term solution with
hair reduction benefits.


How is Hildi Hair Removal with ‘Multi probe’ Electrolysis different to –
Laser Hair Removal and IPL Hair Removal?

Unlike laser hair removal or IPL hair removal, Hildi Hair Removal with `Multi Probe` Electrolysis treats only inside the selected hair follicles, so you can be assured that no other structures are being affected.

Delivering treatment to only selected unwanted hairs ensures that it will not stimulate more hair to grow and grooming of the treatment area is blended and natural in its appearance.

Hildi Hair Removal with ‘Multi Probe’ Electrolysis selects specific unwanted hair whereas laser hair removal and IPL hair removal are unable to discriminate.

Hildi Hair Removal can also treat unwanted hair on tattoos .

Long term, Hildi Hair Removal is more affordable than laser hair removal and IPL hair removal methods.

None of the present medical research proves laser hair removal and IPL hair as being permanent.

There are 3 unique Hildi Hair Removal Programs that are available at the Australian Permanent Hair Removal Program.
Your individual program is discussed with you during your consultation. Hildi Hair Removal is your final solution to unwanted hair.

I feel my facial hair is getting worse with laser treatment …

Laser induced hair growth on the face can be an unfortunate side effect of laser hair removal.

During consultation with Hildi many clients have presented after having treatment with
laser or IPL for their facial hair and still have unwanted hair. In fact most of these clients have experienced an increase in facial hair. They have more unwanted hair than what they had
before they started laser hair removal. And in some cases stimulated unwanted hair growth on new
facial treatment areas that the laser treatment was started.

Laser hair removal may activate ‘inactive’ hair follicles to produce thicker and darker hair on hormone sensitive areas such as the face.

For some clients this may occur with only a few laser hair removal treatments

It’s believed that the heat from the laser causes irritation and results in increased hair density.

Laser and IPL hair removal on hormone sensitive treatment areas of the face for unwanted hair may increase the growth of facial hair.

Can I start Hildi Hair Removal if I have had laser hair removal or standard Electrolysis?

Yes.This is your final solution to unwanted hair regardless of what treatment you have had in the past whether it be laser hair removal or standard electrolysis. You will be delighted with the results.

Hildi Hair Removal starts with your confidential obligation-free consultation which includes a Free Hildi Hair Density Check.

Your Hildi Hair Density Check will give accurate assessment of your true quantity of unwanted hair. Progress is measured through out your program

For your obligation-free consultation and professional evaluation and advice
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