Why do I have facial hair?

There are a many reasons why you may be experiencing unwanted facial hair.
You are not alone …

In fact you are born with your total number of hair follicles at birth. And there are hundreds
of tiny hair follicles per square centimetre of skin. Not all of these hormone sensitive hair follicles
will be ‘active’ that is to produce a hair … they become active to produce thicker and darker hair
for a number of reasons.

Your hereditary and genetic profile will influence the activity of the tiny hair follicles
that you are born with.This will determine whether the ‘natural’ hair follicles will produce
a darker or lighter hair and whether the hair will be more noticeable.

For example , friends may notice that they have very different skin and hair growth patterns.
One may notice visible amounts of hair naturally on her face yet others experience no
visible hair growth.This difference in hair growth patterns may occur even though there are
similar structure and natural quantity of hair follicles.

Facial hair may become more noticeable as, I call it – travelling through life.
Life changes and situations can effect the activity of natural hormone sensitive hair follicles.

You may experience changes in ‘inactive’ or dormant hair follicles at any point through life’s journey from puberty through to mature stages of life. Factors such as stress and illness and medication and hormone changes all have an affect on the activity of natural growth of hair follicles.

These changes to the natural hair follicles can be seen by facial hair becoming more visible or the appearance of coarse hair.

In reality, these aren`t new hair follicles (they have always existed) but are simply triggered into life at certain points

Why is my facial hair getting worse?

Your facial hair may be getting worse and you no longer feel comfortable or confident
about the visible unwanted hair on areas such as your chin, neck, cheeks or upper lip.

Changes to your facial hair where unwanted hair is becoming more noticeable is due to
existing hair follicles producing hair that is more visible and thicker and darker.

Also new ‘inactive’ hair follicles may be  stimulated to produce hair.

The main reason for your unwanted facial hair getting worse and becoming more
‘active’ to produce thicker and darker hair is the hair removal techniques that you have chosen.

The soft and medium hair on the face that is not usually noticeable becomes very noticeable.

If hormone sensitive hair on the face is traumatized on a regular basis using temporary
hair removal methods such as tweezing, waxing, threading, hair removal machines, laser or IPL,
there is a very high possibility that the hair growth will become active and stimulated to
grow thicker and darker.

This can also be associated with dark shadowing, rashes, and ingrown hair.

It can be quite alarming as to how much hair is really there

 How much unwanted hair do I have? 

You may be removing unwanted hair every week or even every day.

As hair follicles are triggered by natural changes and hair removal techniques the quantiy of hair … the hair density increases.

Your true quantity of unwanted hair is related to and measured by the frequency of hair removal – daily, weekly or monthly or not at all.

The hair that you remove daily or weekly or even monthly is not the same hair.

Imagine for a moment that you were unable to remove your unwanted hair for 4 months…

It is at this time that you would get a real idea of how much hair is really there.

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