Hildi Hair Removal with ‘Multi Probe’ Electrolysis is the ideal choice for women and men with unwanted facial or body hair.

Exclusive to the Australian Permanent Hair Removal Centre  –  Hildi Hair Removal is suitable for all treatment areas including the face, chin,  neck, upper and lower lip, eyebrows, cheeks, hairline, breasts, abdomen, chest, back and shoulders fingers and toes and feet , bikini line and underarms

Hildi Hair Removal for Men

…be amazed at how Hildi Hair Removal can be of benefit!

  • Create a perfectly shaped beard with minimal care
  • Eliminate ingrown hair and irritation by having your check and neck area permanently groomed
  • Transforming removal of unwanted monobrow hair
  • Enhance your appearance by having your eyebrows refined into a natural shape
  • Everlasting removal of annoying nasal and earlobe hair