Hildi Hair Removal clears unwanted hair permanently using a special advanced form of Galvanic Electrolysis called ‘Multi Probe’ – a tried and proven method.

“Multi Probe” Electrolysis utilises a 16 probe system where the 16 probes are one-by-one progressively inserted into each unwanted hair follicle selected for treatment, so ensuring thorough removal of visible unwanted hair.

(A hair follicle is a small below-surface skin organ that produces hair.)
This procedure is repeated to remove visible unwanted hairs in the target area being treated.

The 16 probes provide the extra benefit of treating many hairs simultaneously – unlike the common single-needle electrolysis used by many beauty salons – thereby accelerating the permanent hair removal process. Once a probe is inserted into the hair follicle, a precise amount of mild galvanic current is released.

(Galvanic Current is a low level electric current passed through the skin to produce therapeutic effects.)

The galvanic current neutralises the vital growth element of each hair follicle treated – completely and safely – while guaranteeing the complete destruction of the unwanted hair.

Each unwanted hair needs to be treated only once with this Hildi Permanent Hair Removal special technique.

It provides a comfortable treatment regimen – completely free of any long-term skin marking.

Unlike laser epilation, treatments focus only on removal of individual unwanted hairs thereby ensuring the protection of other vital structures under the skin.

‘Multi Probe’ Galvanic Electrolysis is a safe and proven method of permanent hair removal – for all hair types and colours including white, blonde, and grey – and is recommended for anyone who wants to be rid of unwanted hair for ever.

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