Melbourne hair removal

Thinking back from where I have come from, the results have far exceeded my expectations. Gone are the daily plucking sessions, the ingrown hairs and the lack of confidence.

Having to stand in the shade for fear of the sun exposing the stubbly truth, the kids telling me I was ‘prickly’ and caking on the makeup in an attempt to hide the excess hair. These memories have since faded. It’s amazing how much being hair free has changed my outlook.

The self confidence and poise has skyrocketed and I can now walk out of the house makeup free and enjoy the sunshine.

Thank you Hildi, your staff are so professional and warm and I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for me.

Holley of Caroline Springs

Before I heard about Hildi’s Permanent Hair Removal I was tweezing everyday, I was depressed and very embarrassed to be out in public. Then one day I took the first step forward and something had to be done, I was very embarrassed to talk to anyone about by facial hair problem, but when I spoke to Hildi she knew exactly how I felt and helped me get through it.

It’s ben a few months now since I’ve been doing treatment and its great I haven’t tweezed. Since then I feel great and have my confidence back again. Thank you to all the staff for being there for me through the hard times.

Anita of Taylors Hill 2015

An excess (and I do mean excess) of blonde facial hair, courtesy of menopause, hit my confidence hard. Laser treatment wasn’t an option, and the delightful other options of waxing or horrible smelling depilatory creams were not only ineffective, but traumatised my poor skin terribly.

I came across Hildi’s advert in the Sunday paper, and I felt a glimmer of hope and excitement. I had a lovely conversation with Hildi (who patiently listened to my woes) and she explained the process in depth, so I took a chance and made an appointment.

The girls at Hildi’s are so lovely, and the process is quite pain free. For me, each session is time for me to relax (I often doze off), and one step closer to being back to my confident self – I (and my friends) can see amazing results, and I am so pleased I made that call!

Jenny from Country Victoria