These are answers to many of the questions that are asked about electrolysis and Hildi Hair Removal. Your questions are important.  Therefore we endeavour to provide answers. We at the Australian Permanent Hair Removal Centre are here to help with answers to the more frequently asked questions.

  • How is Hildi Hair Removal Different to all other methods of hair removal?
    Hildi Hair Removal offers guaranteed permanent results and is safe on all hair and skin types. With an established medical history of over 100 years, the techniques employed by Hildi Hair Removal are the only way to be sure results are for a lifetime. Hildi Hair Removal is different to - Laser Treatments. Unlike laser or IPL, Hildi Hair Removal with `Multi Probe` Electrolysis treats only inside the selected hair follicles, so you can be assured that no other structures are being affected. Delivering treatment to only selected unwanted hairs ensures that it will not stimulate more hair to grow and grooming of the treatment area is blended and natural in its appearance. It avoids interfering with the soft invisible inactive hair Hildi Hair Removal selects the specific unwanted hair whereas laser is unable to discriminate. Hildi Hair Removal can also treat unwanted hair on tattoos. Long term, Hildi Hair Removal is more affordable than laser methods. None of the present medical research proves laser hair removal as being permanent. Hildi Hair Removal is different to - Electrolysis (Ordinary) Unlike the electrolysis found in many beauty salons, Hildi Hair Removal guarantees complete destruction of the hair follicle first time, and so is faster in its application. Hildi Hair Removal is more comfortable compared with other electrolysis methods and does not leave any long term marks on the skin.
  • Does Hildi Hair Removal last forever?
    Yes, Hildi Hair Removal with `Multi Probe` Electrolysis destroys unwanted hair not for a few years but forever. Hildi Hair Removal is 100% proven permanent on all hair types and is effective on all blonde, white and grey hair.  Hildi Hair Removal is suitable for all skin tones and is a treatment that offers a lifetime results. Electrolysis is classified by the FDA (United States Food and Drug Administration) as permanent hair removal. In 2007 The FDA Consumer Health Information Bulletin stated: “The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recognizes electrology as providing permanent hair removal. The FDA identification in Title 21, CFR, Sec. 878.5350 for needle-type epilators is: “a device intended to remove the hair by destroying the dermal papilla of a hair”. As no other device for hair removal has the unique identification of “destroying the dermal papilla of a hair”, only electrologists are allowed to claim permanent hair removal in their advertising”.
  • Why Hildi Hair Removal with Multiprobe Electrolysis?
    Hildi Hair Removal using Multi Probe Electrolysis offers the benefit of treating many hair at one time Progress is maximised, as are results, thereby providing time and cost saving benefits. Each row of Multi Probes will be reinserted continuously into different hair follicles a number of times according to your treatment session, ensuring thorough removal of all undesirable hairs each treatment
  • What does the treatment feel like?
    Many people enjoy the Hildi Hair Removal treatment as a time to relax. During your Hildi Hair Removal treatment mild heat may be felt under the skin. The skin is prepared with cooling pads, with a special lotion that is suitable for all skin types. The cooling pads are used throughout your treatment, and they are comforting and soothing on the skin. Your comfort is of high priority and your Hildi Hair Removal treatment is carefully suited to your needs.
  • How will my skin look after treatment?
    Hildi Hair Removal will give you radiant, clear skin and eliminate prickles and rashes. For a short time after each treatment, some mild redness, and small red treatment dots may be experienced for a few days. There are no long term marks left on the skin.
  • When will I see results?
    Measuring your progress and success is part of the Hildi Hair Removal Program. At regular intervals, progressive evaluation is used throughout your treatment program using Hildi Hair Density Check technology and the results shared with you. At all times you know the stage of the program you are at and progress in your treatment area is identified. Due to the natural hair growth cycle all Hildi Hair Removal programs are planned over a 12—18 month period per treatment area. (Dependent on natural hair regrowth patterns.) Results are usually apparent soon after commencement and progressively each week as most of the unwanted hair is treated in the first half of this period. From the beginning of your Hildi Hair Removal program you will experience relief from the unwanted hair, as the appearance of new hair growth is less and less and your skin begins to feel softer and smoother.
  • How many treatment sessions do I need – how long is the program?
    At the Australian Permanent Hair Removal Centre, your Hildi Hair Removal treatment sessions are aligned to your natural hair growth cycle over a 12 – 18 month period. Unwanted hairs can continue to grow in that time and are progressively removed as they start to appear. A series of weekly treatment sessions are recommended at the start of your treatment program to treat all unwanted hair that is actively coming through the skin. As the unwanted hair can continue to grow in that time they are progressively removed as they start to appear. As you progress and have less unwanted hair to treat your treatment sessions will reduce. The total number of treatments you need is determined by the treatment area and how much hair you have. All treatments are designed to allow for complete removal of all unwanted hair and can be completed at your own pace.
  • How long is a treatment session?
    The duration of your treatment session will be recommended to you during your consultation according to the size of the treatment area and amount of unwanted hair. Typically most treatment sessions have a duration of one to two hours. Most clients find this a time to relax.
  • How much does a treatment session cost?
    Hildi Hair Removal starts with your confidential obligation-free consultation which includes a Free Hildi Hair Density Check. Your Hildi Hair Density Check will give accurate assessment of your true quantity of unwanted hair. Your treatment session time should then be aligned to your quantity of unwanted hair and the size of the treatment area. The number of Hildi Hair Removal treatments you need is determined by your hair density and the size of the treatment area. A weekly treatment session lasting one hour of Hildi Hair Removal is just ...$98 Longer Sessions are available for clients if required for higher hair densities – POA Your treatment plan and pricing will be discussed where all session options are available to you For your first treatment and once only setup costs includes Hildi Sterile Probes – just $98..
  • Strict Hygiene Guidelines
    The Australian Permanent Hair Removal Centre operates within strict hygiene guidelines and has documented policies and procedures that are consistent with the maintenance of the highest standards. The Australian Permanent Hair Removal Centre offers you profession evaluation and advice. Any concerns you may have are discussed with you during consultation. Hildi Hair Removal is proven safe and a guaranteed way of removing unwanted hair permanently. There are no known secondary effects on any other parts of the body.
  • Where is Hildi Hair Removal Available?
    To ensure service to you and quality standards are not diminished Keilor Downs is the main operating centre. Hildi Hair Removal is available only from the Australian Permanent Hair Removal Centre. The professionals of Hildi Hair Removal have extensive training in the system of Hair Removal and ongoing review of quality standards. Quality standards are rigorously maintained. The Australian Permanent Hair Removal Centre is located 25 minutes from the CBD Melbourne It is easy to get too and we are open until 9.30 pm Monday to Friday. Parking is convenient , free and directly outside the centre.