Unwanted hair can affect all of us in different ways … some people choose to ignore it and
others cannot ignore it

Early in my nursing career, I realized that I wanted to offer care and help for people particularly
in a way that related to their well being and feeling good about themselves.
You didn`t have to have a medical problem to require help with feeling good.

Women have many personal issues that can present to them throughout their lives and
unwanted hair is certainly high on the list.
I aspired to be able to help people with unwanted hair to regain their clear smooth skin and
feel at ease with their appearance. Subsequently I studied Beauty Therapy –
graduating with an Associate Diploma of Health Science specializing in techniques
relating to permanent hair removal.

I spent many years researching and interviewing people with unwanted hair.

Then, using these investigations, I introduced Hildi Hair Removal which is exclusive to the Australian Permanent Hair Removal Centre – established 1994.

Hildi Hair Removal provides a unique treatment plan using a specialized form of electrolysis called ‘Multi probe’.

It offers a personalized assessment and a program of treatment according to the density
of the unwanted hair.

The treatment results are measured using high definition micro-cameras.

Helping women and men who endure with unwanted hair is my passion.

The Australian Permanent Hair Removal Centre offers an obligation-free and confidential consultation including professional evaluation and advice on a personal treatment plan. Any concerns you may have are discussed with you during the private consultation.

For an end to unwanted hair, make a start with an obligation-free and confidential consultation at the Australian Permanent Hair Removal Centre …
Telephone 03 9356 9426 for a convenient appointment.

“I guarantee your complete satisfaction with Hildi Hair Removal”

Qualified Hair Removal Practitioner
Trained Nurse, Health Professional